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The breast cancer experience is stressful not only for individuals and their families, but for the extended circle of family and friends, as well. Who among us, upon learning that a loved one or friend has been diagnosed with cancer, has not wondered how we can help out in a meaningful way? There is power in numbers! By coordinating our efforts and combining our contacts and resources, we can accomplish together what we could not if we were working alone.

Helen’s Angels is growing a network of individuals and organizations throughout the Greater Philadelphia area which can respond to the immediate and specific needs of those who are experiencing the impact of a breast cancer diagnosis. You can earn your wings by joining our network of angels, helping out in any of the following ways:

  • Nominate a recipient. Specify the nature of the need and the amount of the financial request
  • Attend a Helen’s Angels fundraiser
  • Help publicize our fundraisers, recruit sponsors, share our mission, and more
  • Make a financial contribution of any size
  • Volunteer at a Helen’s Angels event
  • Spread the word about Helen’s Angels and the work it is doing to your family, friends, and co-workers

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Due to the size and scope of our organization, we can only consider Angels from the Greater Philadelphia area at this time.

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